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Google Questions
“Google” - besides being the name of a company - is also a verb. To “google” something is to look it up on the internet…whether you use Google or not. “Google” was actually the “word of the decade” for 2001-2010 according to the American Dialect Society (I just looked that up on Google).
So what questions do you ask Google? 5.6 BILLION times a day, someone asks a question on Google (that’s about 63,000 questions PER SECOND!).   So we asked Google about the most-asked questions about faith and discovered the top six.
This six-week sermon series addresses the top faith questions on Google.
Overcome Your Inner Grinch: Why We Need Christmas
Christmas is coming whether you’re ready or not. Are you excited? Are you dreading it? Would you rather just sleep through it?  Let’s be honest. There’s a little Grinch in all of us.
So instead of focusing on the “What?” of Christmas, let’s explore the “Why?” Why do we NEED Christmas anyway?  Well, to explore this question, we need to go back to the beginning…to the garden…and to Adam and Eve at the tree.
Join us each Sunday in December as we share our Advent series titled, “Overcoming Your Inner-Grinch."
A Time To Laugh

Did Jesus laugh? How important is laughter in our life? Pastor Kevin Miller begins a new teaching series on this topic of joy and laughter.  Learn what it means to be chosen by God.