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     It's been said that church is a living organism. Nothing conveys this better than social media. Blogs, ministry Facebook pages and Tweets prove that church can be a lively place where participants are actively involved in a wide variety of activities and ministries. Visit some of the links below and see what some of our members are involved in.


     Find us on Facebook at or do a search for @ValpoFUMC or #valpofumc.

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      Also visit the Facebook pages of these other Valpo FUMC ministries

     Modern MOMS - Find Modern MOMS Facebook page at, or do a search for @ValpoModernMoms or #modernmoms.

     Valpo FUMC Youth - Find our Youth Ministry Facebook page at or do a search for @ValpoFUMCYouth or #ValpoFUMCYouth.

     Childrens Ministry of Valpo FUMC - 



     Find us on Instagram at, or search Valpo FUMC or #valpofumc.



     Find us on Twitter at or search Valpo FUMC or @ValpoFUMC




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