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The Secret Behind the Greatest Commandment

We will research what the Greatest Commandment is actually trying to get us to do. Is it humanly possible for us to love everybody all the time?

Love Yourself SERIES Love Yourself

February 15, 2015
Loving oneself in a healthy way is very difficult for…

Love Thy Neighbor SERIES Love Thy Neighbor

February 8, 2015
Who is our neighbor? Do we have to "love" people we don't…

Loving God with All Your Soul SERIES Loving God with All Your Soul

January 18, 2015
What is "a soul?" We often talk about the soul, but what…

Loving God with All Your Heart SERIES Loving God with All Your Heart

January 11, 2014
We will examine what "heart means as God , thru the ages…

Understanding the Text SERIES Understanding the Text

January 4, 2015
OT: Genesis 2:15-17
NT: Matthew 22:34-36
We will begin…