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Recent Media

On Spiritual Forgiveness SERIES On Spiritual Forgiveness

Sunday, March 15, 2020
Senior Pastor Rev. Kevin T. Miller

On Spiritual Love SERIES On Spiritual Love

Sunday, March 8, 2020
Senior Pastor Rev. Kevin T. Miller

Tough Love: Things I Wish Jesus Never Said SERIES Tough Love: Things I Wish Jesus Never Said

Sunday, Marcy 1, 2020
Senior Pastor Rev. Kevin T. Miller

Great Endings Lead to Great Beginnings SERIES Great Endings Lead to Great Beginnings

Sunday, February 23, 2020
Senior Pastor Rev. Kevin T. Miller


Tough Love: Things I Wish Jesus Never Said

Is there something YOU wish Jesus never said? Perhaps it's covered in this series.

God's Love Letter

What words of love does God have for us in His "Love Letter"?

God is Good Moments

Members from within our church body share special God moments from their personal experience over this past year.

Heaven and Nature Sing

Advent series in recognition of the 300th Anniversary of "Joy to the World".

Even the Dogs

Rev. Miller continues with his series on "What's My Line?"

. . . THIS Woman!

Continuation of the "What's My Line" series.

The Colt's Owner

Part of the "What's My Line" sermon series

A Boy and His Lunch

A message from our Youth Pastor, Marc Adams. Part of the "What's My Line" Sermon Series

Practicing Extravagant Generosity

Various pastors will be giving their perspective on what the Scriptures have to say about Practicing Extravagant Generosity.

We're All In This Together

We need others to find faith and identity.

What Do We Really See?

Take the lowest place, so that when your host comes, he will say to you "Friend, move up to a better place." Luke 14:10 (NIV)

Summer of Jesus

Join us for our summer sermon series designed to coincide with our summer devotional.

Youth Sunday

Various members of the Valpo FUMC Youth Group share their reflections and experiences.

Go...and Sin No More

This message is from Rev. Dee Miller, Pastor of Visitation at Valpo FUMC.

Following...the Cross?

Father's Day message by guest speaker, Rev. Norm Femrite

Dad's Flag

Memorial Day - Remembering that Memorial Day is not about the veterans, it's about those who didn't survive the war.

A New Beginning . . .

Confirmation 2019 Service

Just When You Think It's All Over

Youth Pastor / Worship Leader Marc Adams gives the message this Mother's Day 2019


Communioninity - a special message for Communion Sunday

What Does Your Jesus Look Like?

Lay speaker, Sarah Black, asks what OUR Jesus looks like, while giving an explanation of THE Jesus from the Bible.

Easter Sunday 2019

The Triumph of His Defeat

Palm Sunday

The Tragedy of His Victory

The Man from Galilee

"Then Jesus Came from Galilee . . ." Matthew 3:13

Church Matters

Join us for the first sermon series of 2019.

God is Good Moments

Several from our church family share their "God is Good" moments during this service.

Christmas Eve 2018

A special Christmas Eve message as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Messiah Jesus.

No Deposit - No Return

As we prepare for Christmas, No Deposit - No Return covers the meaning of the four Advent candles during this Advent season.


Thanksgiving week message

Forms of Faith Series

Is there ever enough faith? What if we spoke of faith in its present tense and focused on how we practice and share our faith through Jesus?

Mind The Gap

Series "Mind the Gap" concludes with Faith Promise Sunday on October 14.

Mission with a Capital M

Special message by Pastor Bob Coolman with Operation Classroom.

A Grander Vision

50th Cornerstone Anniversary Celebration. Single combined service & Luncheon

Serving the Lord: What a Blessing It Can Be!!

Everyone has gifts that God wants us to share in order to bless others. Sometimes WE are the ones that get the blessings when we serve!

Youth ASP Report

Our youth report on their mission trip to Appalachia.

For All the Days that End in "Why?"

Summer Sermon Series

Embrace Your Scars

Embrace Your Scars, a message from our Director of Contemporary Worship/Youth Pastor.


What prisons do we find ourselves in? What can we do to get out?

Esther for an Easter People

Sermon by lay leader, Sarah Black

Easter Sunday - April 1, 2018

Sermon title: Greatest. Joke. Ever.

Great Unexpectations

Message from Palm Sunday, March 25, 2018 by Senior Pastor Rev. Kevin T. Miller.

Approaching Jerusalem

Sermon Series for Lent 2018

Keys of the Kingdom

Keys of the Kingdom

New Year's Eve Service

Message from our New Year's Eve service. On this day we had one combined worship service.

Christmas Eve Sermon

This message centers around the birth of Jesus and how His birth changed the world.

Outside the Manger

We're all familiar with the Biblical story of the holy birth of our Savior in a Manger, but what was happening outside the manger walls?

RETHINK Christmas

A pre-Advent sermon series

Unity in Prayer

On the heels of Pastor Kevin's series "We're All in This TOGETHER", Pastor Lowell continues the theme of unity of our church family.

We're All In This Together

Based on Colossians 3:14

commUNITY: We're All In This Together

Sermon Series beginning Sunday, September 10, 2017

Laced with Grace

A stand-alone message, not part of a series.

Tuesday Morning Coffee

A conversation with Jeff Newton about the Missional Church.

Presence is a Verb

What actions can we take to enter into His presence?

Choosing to Prepare

Based on scriptures from the book of Matthew, Pastor Kevin addresses choices.

I Believe

What exactly do we, as Christians and as Methodists, believe about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?

Youth Sunday

Several youth from Valpo FUMC share testimonies of their recent youth camp trip.

It's (Always) Day 1!

Message from Senior Pastor Rev. Kevin T. Miller's very first Sunday at Valpo FUMC.

A New Day is Dawning!

Rev. Black encourages the congregation with this positive message as we prepare to welcome our new pastor.

To Get to eh Promised Land, You Must Go Through the Wilderness!

Pastor Dennis Deeter help us to understand our walk with God.

Be Like the Men of Issachar

Our own Rev. Dennis Deeter challenges us with an Old Testament scripture rarely heard from the pulpit in this Father's Day message.

I Believe in Grace...Sometimes

Guest speaker, Pastor James Toole, explains God's gift of grace and how we can experience grace in our own lives.

Pentecost Sunday

In this, Pastor Jacob's last sermon with our church family, we are encouraged to experience the abundance of what God has to give to us.

Ready to Leave the Desert?

Rev. Lowell Black challenges us to leave the "dry desert" of our faith and to renew ourselves in Christ.

The Lectionary Sermon Series

Pastor Jacob's Final Sermon Series at Valpo FUMC.

Past, Present, Future.

Rex Richards, Church Council Chairman, addresses steps being taken as we look toward the future.

24 Hours That Changed the World

Sermon series based on the book "24 Hours That Changed the World" by Adam Hamilton

Get A (Kingdom) Life!

Dr. Reggie McNeal, Kingdom Leadership Specialist, covers a topic from his book, "Kingdom Come".

Love to Stay

Interactive sermon series, for everyone married OR single dealing with issues of sex, grace, and commitment.

Radical Hospitality

This is not a part of any sermon series.

It's Time to be Baptized

January 8, 2017 - Not a part of a series.

State of the Church Address 2017

A pastor's report on what we've accomplished and what is planned for our future.

2016 Christmas Day Message

A Christmas message from December 25, 2016

2016 Christmas Eve Message

Christmas Eve 2016 Message

When God Comes Down

Advent Sermon Series 2016

Christ the King Sunday

A stand-alone message, not part of a series.

Being spiritually Prepared

This is a stand alone sermons, not a part of a series

What Is the Question and the Answer?

A stand-alone sermon - not part of a series.

Stewardship 2016

"It's About God . . . A Season of Thanksgiving"

The Story of Jesus: A Compassionate Spiritual Journey

Sermon Series: The Story of Jesus: A Compassionate Spiritual Journey

Psalms of Summer

This sermon series runs through the month of August, 2016

Always New

This sermon by Pastor Karen Altergott Roberts is a single sermon, not a part of a series.

How God Changes the World

A message from our Pastor of Visitation, Rev. Dennis Deeter.

Don't Worry. Be Happy.

A stand-alone sermon, not a part of a series.

FUMC Youth Camp Testimonials

The Youth of FUMC share their personal experiences upon returning from Youth Camp.

Rejoice in the Past, Reach for the Future

2016 Capital Campaign

Improve Your Self-Esteem

Not a part of a series, this message gives us insight about who we are in Christ.

The Acid Test of Discipleship

Guest speaker Dr. Philip Amerson, President Emeritus of Garret

Jesus, Life Coach - Part 2

Part 2 of a continuing series from September 2015.

Jesus' Generous Offer

Message from Rev. Deeter, Pastor of Visitation

Easter Sunday 2016

Sermon from our 2016 Easter Service on March 27, 2016

Maundy Thursday 2016

Message given during our 2016 Maundy Thursday service.

2016 Lenten Sermon Series

Follow along with First United Methodist in Valparaiso for this all-church Lenten devotional.

Do you really believe it is Good News?

Rev. Lowell asks if we REALLY believe.

Healthy Relationships

New Sermon Series to start the New Year.

State of the Church 2016

What did we accomplish in 2015? Where are we going in 2016?

The First Carols of Christmas

A sermon series based on some of the most beloved Christmas music.

Always Be Thankful

Rev. Deeter speaks on having a grateful heart.

Learn to Listen

Pastor Jacob speaks on learning to listen to that still, small voice.

CIA: Christians in Action

We can do more TOGETHER than we can do on our OWN (based on Ecclesiastes 4)

Faith for a Lifetime

The theme of this message deals with aging, generations and faith.

Jesus, Life Coach

A Look at Success from a Christian Perspective

Struggles of the Christian Journey

A single message by Rev. Deeter

Life Can Begin Again (Sermons on the Mount)

Based on the 5th chapter in Matthew, Pastor Jacob walks us through the Sermons on the Mount, showing us how they pertain to our lives today.

Youth - Camp Testimonies

July 5, 2015
Several Youth Camp attenders share their testimonies about their camp experience.


Series based on Adam Hamilton's book, Revival
Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jacob C. Williams, Jr.

Called or Ordained?

Who's ministry is it?
May 31, 2015 Rev. Lowell Black

The Work of the Holy Spirit

Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jacob C. Williams, Jr.

You Are Called!

Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jacob C. Williams, Jr. May 17, 2015. Not part of a series

Chosen and Appointed

Message from Mother's Day, 2015 Not part of a series.

Why? Making Sense of God's Will (Adam Hamilton)

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Forgiveness-Finding Peace Through Letting Go

Letting go through forgiveness will help us live our lives in a more freeing way.

I Have to Do What?!?!

Do Christians have expectations with which they need to follow?

The Secret Behind the Greatest Commandment

We will research what the Greatest Commandment is actually trying to get us to do.

We've Come This Far by Faith - An Understanding of our Journey

December 28, 2014
How far have we come so far this year? Where are we going? Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jacob C. Williams, Jr. explains.

Let's Talk About Jesus (an Advent Series)

November 30 - December 24, 2014
How does the birth of Jesus pertain to us today?

Living Within, A Sermon Series

September 7 - October 5, 2014
What is your spiritual destiny? According to the Bible, who are you?

Matthew Speaks: Sermon Series from the Lectionary

July 20 - August 10, 2014
Get familiar with a personal account of Jesus given by the apostle Matthew.

Dare to Dream Series

June 1 - July 13, 2014
Based on the book by Mike Slaughter

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