United Methodist Men

     The United Methodist Men meet each Sunday in Tower Chapel located to the right of the Franklin Street entrance.  ALL men are invited and encouraged to attend.  The Men's Ministry meets from 7:45 - 9:00 a.m.  

  • We have great fellowship
  • We have book and Bible studies
  • We have men speaking on their calling or their professional life
  • We have community outreach and projects
  • We support mission
  • We have coffee, we have donuts
  • We witness and we build friendships and relationships

     Contact UMM President, Keith Kirkpatrick, for more information on United Methodist Men via email at k506@comcast.net.

     The mission of the United Methodist Men is to assist men to know Jesus Christ, to serve Him, to grow spiritually and seek daily to do his will. 

WHERE?  In the Tower Chapel room located to the right of the Franklin St. entrance.

WHEN?  We meet each Sunday from 7:45 - 9:00 a.m.

WHO?  All men, regardless of church membership status or age. 

WHAT?  We devote one session to Christian study, one session to a secular program. When there's a fifth Sunday, we host a pancake breakfast for the whole church. Proceeds from the breakfast are donated to the ministries we support. Donuts, coffee, fun fellowship and interesting programming are standard at all sessions.