How may we pray for you?

     Romans 12:12 says, Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer. As we pray for you, may God give you everything needed to persevere.     

     We are using Prayer Loft for our prayer needs.  If you haven't already, please go to There you will see all of the current prayer requests.  As you pray for each one there is a button on each prayer request that says, "I Prayed" - please press that button when you have prayed for the person. The originator will get an email saying someone has prayed for you!  You will not be identified as the person praying, they will just see that someone has just prayed for them.


     To enter a prayer request, go to the exact same page linked above (we suggest bookmarking it) and up in the left-hand corner in the blue banner you will see 3 white lines for a menu. Click on the menu and select "New Prayer Request." You will have a form to fill out, do so and when prompted for a campus, please select "Prayer Requests." Submit the form by clicking the button on the bottom of the page. That is all you have to do! When you submit a request, an administrator or moderator will review it and when they approve it, it is automatically posted on the prayer request page!


     In that menu, you can also choose "follow."  When you do that, you submit your email address and will then receive an email any time new prayer requests are added.  This will keep our prayer ministry more efficient because we can start praying as soon as we see that a new prayer request was submitted.