Plan Your Events HerePlan Your Event

     Is your group, or are you, planning an event at the church? Planning events are easy and there are only two simple steps to make your plans and get your event promoted.

1. Request Space For Your Event

      You will be needing to hold your event in one of the rooms in the church. You might have special needs regarding chairs, tables, church bus, etc. No problem! Fill out this simple form to make your request and let us know what needs you have. Be sure to include your contact information because the church office will contact you once your request is approved to let you know your event is on the calendar.

2. Promote Your Event

     Once you receive approval that your event is on the church calendar, you will probably want us to promote it. Fill out this simple form to request promotion of your event. Some of the promotional avenues we use are the bulletin, weekly eNews newsletter, slides shown in the hallways and sanctuary, social media, posters, press releases, etc. All you have to do is give us the information we need, and we do the rest to get the word out to the congregation and the community (if applicable).